How to Reinforce Learning at Home

Education is a partnership between the home and school. Reinforcing your child’s learning at home is key to retaining the lessons learnt in the classroom!

Here are a few tips on how parents can reinforce learning at home:

1. Talk to your child daily:

Find time to talk to your child about your day and theirs, including what they’ve learnt at school. This will not only make the conversation more natural, but  As your child tells you what they’ve learnt, this helps them re-call and retain the lessons taught in school.

2. Schedule in time to look through your child’s homework:

It’s important to consistently schedule in specific times on your calendar to look through your child’s school work. This helps parents identify areas their child excel, and where they could use a little more help. For example with extra lessons in a specific subject, or extra reading to improve their essay writing/ spelling. 

3. Stay informed and in touch:

We encourage parents to keep in touch with teachers as well as stay informed on and understand the goals of school activities. This allows parents to mirror the lessons/values taught at school, at home! 

4. Create fun experiences that will help learning come alive:

Immersive learning experiences are a great way to re-inforce learning at home. You can come up with fun activities for you and your child to learn more about a topic discussed at school. You could take your child on family field trips to the beach for a geography lesson, the museum for a history lesson or even find home activities to reinforce learning. For example, if your child is learning about measurements, you could incorporate lessons on measurement into an everyday activity like cooking!

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