Our Pre- school program is focused on the development of the entire child. We deliver developmentally appropriate learning opportunities in a stimulating, engaging and imaginative environment. Learning will be focused on experimenting with hands-on materials as well as exploration. Play based education is an integral element of our students' learning at this stage.
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Elementary School

Our primary school program is centred on providing our students with a strong foundation in our core curriculum including numeracy, literacy, social studies, creative arts etc. We support this foundational learning, and encourage individual interests with immersive learning experiences and activities within and outside of the classroom. We also provide opportunities for our students to develop independent thinking and learning skills, with the aim of nurturing a love of learning early on in their academic career.

High School

Our High School program is designed to help each student find a sense of understanding in an ever-changing and increasingly complex world. The curriculum involves academic challenge and is designed to encourage students to recognise the connections between learned academic knowledge and the real world. Our program provides each student with the tools they need to become critical and reflective thinkers.
Greater Scholars International High School