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Welcome to Greater Scholars International School

Greater Scholars is a leading primary and secondary school in Lagos dedicated to nurturing the love of learning. Our teaching philosophy places a strong emphasis on individual attention, and is based on extensive research in the field of education, and over 15 years of experience working with children. We believe there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to learning and we are determined to reach each of our students on an individual level. Our exciting curriculum will develop your child’s potential for creativity, initiative, independence, inner discipline and self-confidence. We encourage you to learn more about our vibrant Greater Scholars community, and how we can nurture the love of learning in your child.

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Individual Attention

We believe every student has the potential to be excellent and our goal is to enable every child to unlock their full potential. That’s why we’re committed to providing individual attention to each student’s needs. We have smaller classrooms because we aim to ensure that no child gets left behind!

Critical Thinking

At Greater Scholars, thinking is emphasised in each one of our classrooms. It’s important to us that our students know, not only if an answer is right or wrong, but why it is. Our focus is not just in improving test scores, but in developing young learners who can think, create and question. 

Creative Teaching

At Greater Scholars, creativity is in our DNA. We bring up our students to be innovative and dynamic, and we encourage them to add a touch of individuality in all that they do. From our unique teaching methods, to our immersive learning experiences we strive to make every aspect of schooling vibrant, engaging and meaningful for your child.

The Leading School in Lagos for Teaching & Learning

Greater Scholars offers a challenging curriculum which combines the inquiry based, child centered philosophy of the American education, with the rigor and discipline of the Nigerian tradition- a distinctive blend that sets us apart from other international schools. We have high expectations for our scholars and getting good grades is just the tip of the iceberg. We seek to ensure student’s total development and we place a strong emphasis on character building and skill mastery. We improve our students’ knowledge of the world, develop their talents, and teach them the personal skills they need to be successful outside our doors.


Our Pre- school program is focused on the development of the entire child. We deliver developmentally appropriate learning opportunities in a stimulating, engaging and imaginative environment. Learning will be focused on experimenting with hands-on materials as well as exploration. Play based education is an integral element of our students' learning at this stage


Our primary school program is centred on providing our students with a strong foundation in our core curriculum including numeracy, literacy, social studies, creative arts etc. We support this foundational learning, and encourage individual interests with immersive learning experiences and activities within and outside of the classroom. We also provide opportunities for our students to develop independent thinking and learning skills, with the aim of nurturing a love of learning early on in their academic career.

Best secondary school in Lagos for Teaching and Learning

High School

Our High School program is designed to help each student find a sense of understanding in an ever-changing and increasingly complex world. The curriculum involves academic challenge and is designed to encourage students to recognise the connections between learned academic knowledge and the real world. Our program provides each student with the tools they need to become critical and reflective thinkers.

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Talent Development Program

TDP at GSIS is concerned with the individual’s well-being through the promotion and development of concepts, knowledge, attitudes and skills that contribute to the student’s well-being. 

This encompasses emotional, cognitive, physical, spiritual and social health and development Our TDP is a platform that harnesses the inherent potential of every child beyond the class room activities. There are clubs in Swimming, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Taekwondo, Gymnastics, Skating, Table Tennis, Girls Connect, Explorers, Crafty Hands, Ballet, Dance, Chess, Diction, Music, Young Writers.

Violin at Greater Scholars International School

Around the World Summer Program

Greater Scholars lays the foundation for tomorrow’s world leaders, who will be armed with strong character, academic, technological, and cultural proficiency, fully prepared to take on challenging roles in the global village. 

Through our legendary ‘Around the World Summer School Program’, and in collaboration with  embassies and international organizations, the children are exposed to the history, geography, lifestyle and culture of people around the world. The children get to enjoy learning about the food, language, arts and history, as well as take virtual tours of famous landmarks in various countries around the world.  

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Road 401, Greater Scholars Drive, Abraham Adesanya Estate, Ajah, Lagos Nigeria


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